Understanding Leather

Understanding Leather

Types of Leather

Leather for centuries has been a perfect example of human innovation and creativity. The usage of leather and its various applications makes it a truly versatile and timeless material. Leather has evolved to become not just a product of utility but a constant component of fashion and design.

Leather is a sought-after material for its flexibility and durability. The basic grains or qualities of leather can be classified as:

  • Full grain leather
  • Top grain leather
  • Genuine/Suede leather
  • Corrected grain leather
  • Bonded recycled leather
"Full grain leather is of the highest quality and is characterized by a luxurious, smooth surface with few to no flaws."

Full grain leather is of the highest quality and is characterized by a luxurious, smooth surface with few to no flaws.

The natural or full grain leather is produced without any surface sanding/buffing or correction. This keeps the full grain intact and gives the leather a distinctive look as it retains its natural marks and imperfections.

This premium grade of leather is produced using high quality cattle hide. The top layer of the skin (only 13% of entire hide) is used as the grains remain tightly intact and packed to give it additional strength and durability.

With time and usage, the leather develops a beautiful patina which is a thin protective layer safeguarding it from damage such as wearing or eroding.

The characteristic feature gives the leather a very aesthetic look. Each leather product displays a certain distinctiveness with changes in colour over time and reveals the leather’s unique beautiful markings.

This naturally occurring phenomenon is a hallmark of quality. Full grain leather has been a preferred choice to make the highest quality saddlebacks and the most luxurious leather goods, due to its inherent toughness and ageless characteristics.

Journey's Leather

All JOURNEY products are made using only the best premium leather and sourced from established tanneries across the globe. We source full grain hydrophobic leather from the 108-year-old Heinen leather tannery in Germany.

Leather processing comes with its own challenges and need conscious effort and expertise to navigate through them and make the process sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Heinen Leather Tannery is known for its on-going sustainability efforts under it’s TerraCare® standard to ensure ethical sourcing, lower CO2 emissions, repurposing by-products and more.

From stringent water purification processes to only souring skins of animals from slaughterhouses, Heinen leather tannery produces leather in the most sustainable and environmentally conscious ways.

It is our endeavour as a brand to ensure all JOURNEY products reflect our social responsibility and care for the environment. Consequently, we only source from tanneries that maintain sustainability standards and use ecologically sound practices.

We at JOURNEY believe in providing our customers with the best and aim to create products that are a perfect amalgamation of technology, design, and the highest quality raw materials.

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