Apple Watch Leather Strap

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Color: SaddleBrown

Upgrade your Apple Watch to the next level

The perfect amalgamation of form and function

Charge all Apple devices with 1 charger.

Quickly remove all the cords hanging around your nightstands, working desks, or living room end tables.


A Comfortable Fit For All Occasions.

A watch strap that's equal parts rough and refined. Designed for everyday use, the Journey Apple Watch Strap is modern and minimalistic to perfectly blend in with any look or style. It can be used for casual, professional, or active lifestyle with equal elegance and all-day long comfort.


Made with Full-Grain German Heinen Leather

Our watch straps are handcrafted using only the highest quality full grain leather, sourced from one of the oldest tanneries in the world. It's hard not to fall in love with this rich, full-bodied leather, which exhibits an incredible depth of colour and durability.
The leather will develop a beautiful patina over time as the natural oils from your hands and daily usage breaks down the surface to reveal a distinctive colour and texture. The patina process brings out the natural hues of the leather creating a deep, warm tone that will only look better with age and is uniquely yours.


Rugged Construction & Hydrophobic Leather

Made with naturally hydrophobic leather and armed with premium grade lugs and buckles this leather watch strap is cut from a different cloth. The waterproof characteristic of the leather is not achieved by topical spays and coating but is infused with natural lipids during the tanning process making it naturally hydrophobic which doesn't wear off ever! The resistant material means that your watch straps will last longer and stay looking in top condition. Our watches hold true craftsmanship that can go anywhere, from a casual picnic to a red-carpet event. 


Perfect For All Occasions & Every Wrist

Journey’s leather strap for the Apple watch series is designed to suit any occasion. Available in classic leather colours such Tan, Brown and Black making it both elegant and wearable.
The watch strap is compatible with all Apple watch series (8-1), SE and Ultra.


  • Dimensions - H 8.8 inches (22.4 cm) x W 0.9 inches (2.3 cm) x D 0.2 inches (4.0 cm)
  • Thickness - 0.3 cm
  • Wireless Charging Compatible - Yes
  • Material - Full Grain Leather


  • Classic Design
  • Hydrophobic Heinen Leather for active application
  • Premium grade lugs and buckle
  • Designed for all Apple watch series (8-1), SE and Ultra
  • Works with Case Sizes: 42mm- 45mm
  • 2-year Warranty


Q. Why does JOURNEY use Heinen leather?

A. All JOURNEY products are made only with the finest full grain leather sourced well renowned tanneries in Europe. The leather strap is made with leather from the 130-year-old Heinen leather tannery in Germany. The tanning process used for Heinen leather infuses it with natural lipids, which makes it water repellent. Using this propriety tanning process coupled with environmentally sustainable initiatives taken under the  TerraCare® standard, Heinen leather is not only of the highest quality but also socially responsible.


Q. How can I install my watch band?

A. Follow the steps below to install the watch band:    

Place your watch face down on a soft lint free surface to avoid any scratches

At the bottom of the watch, find band release buttons and hold down to remove your current band/strap

Align the JOURNEY band with the connector of the watch and carefully slide the band in

Once you hear a click know that your band is properly attached and you’re good to go!


Q. Can I alter the size of my band?

A. The band cannot be altered in size but is created as per Apple standards and the fits all the Apple watch series (7-1 & SE) with a dial size of 42mm - 45mm.


Q. Is the watch band water-resistant?

A. Yes, the watch band is designed for active application and is completely water-resistant.

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Beqaj

Well made, easy go buy and install.

Fits well, feels very luxurious.

Oluwayemisi Arigbabu
Excellent leather strip

I love the brown and black leather strap. The leather is good and very strong. I recommend it anytime

Renata Albarran
Leather band

Very nice and classic liking band. The band is very long and stiff but it is as shown in the picture. More for a man that a woman but very well made.

Great Watch Strap

Great design and top quality materials! Simple, classic look and the tan color is the best. One of the best watch straps you can buy!

Class Act

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I first put on my watch with this brown leather strap. It was excellent quality leather with the black hardware to match. For a day or two the stiffness was there. Then, it was like butter. When I check the watch I find myself admiring the band. It really is a Class Act…