Best MagSafe Charger for your iPhone 12

Best MagSafe Charger for your iPhone 12

What is MagSafe?

Wireless charging has been around for decades, but this technology is now picking up speed with more convenient and fast charging options. Making detangling cables a thing of the past!

Wireless charging is a simple transfer of power from an outlet to your device through a power transmitting pad. This technology has been taken to the next level with Apple’s introduction of MagSafe. Initially introduced as a technology for charging MacBook laptops. MagSafe now has been specifically designed for its iPhone 12 Series.

MagSafe uses a magnetic area in its iPhone 12 models which easily connects to accessories and MagSafe compatible chargers that also have a magnetic ring embedded in them. The propriety technology includes magnets underneath the wireless charging coil that lets accessories and chargers easily snap on to the device. One of the biggest problems with wireless charging has been to find a ‘Sweet Spot’ on the charging pad for it to work. This issue has now been eliminated with MagSafe’s magnetic technology wherein the magnets simply auto align, and one can enjoy uninterrupted charging.

Journey MagSafe Charger

"Equipped to fast charger you iPhone as well as your Apple AirPods! This desk accessory is an absolute must-have!"

Journey's take on MagSafe

Journey’s Magnetic Wireless Chargers are intelligently engineered and carefully designed to provide fast wireless charging with maximum energy efficiency. A one of kind MagSafe compatible charger swathed in luxurious leather and made with the superior electronics is the ultimate desk accessory.

The super slim design integrates LED charging indicators to notify you and protect your phone from overcharging.

Equipped to fast charger you iPhone as well as your Apple AirPods! This desk accessory is an absolute must-have! 


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