Introducing the Best Leather Case for iPhone 13

Introducing the  Best Leather Case for iPhone 13

The new iPhone 13 is here! Like every year Apple fans await the most anticipated moment of the year when the flagship phones (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max) are unveiled, and the features are disclosed. The new iPhone now is equipped with the A15 bionic chip making it much faster than its predecessor. The other noteworthy features are the improvements to display and the camera on these flagship devices.

The display is the most important part on any smartphone and Apple never disappoints when it comes to displays. The iPhone 13 offers a crystal-clear display with wide colour gamut and brighter screens. The sensors included in the device help keep things crisp and responsive when you're using it on the go. The screens now feature a 20% smaller notch letting the user enjoy all the display with minimal intrusion. The display is now equipped with up to 120Hz refresh rate making for a more enjoyable user experience.

The iPhone 13 series feature bigger and better cameras this year with larger camera bumps to accommodate all that it has to offer. Larger sensors and apertures, AI based depth reduction, Pro res and Cinematic video are just a few advanced features to get any photographer and cinematographer interested.

And it keeps getting better and better like its battery life- giving users an additional 1.5 - 2.5 hrs of screen time. The many improvements on the iPhone 13 series makes it a powerful device that needs everyday protection to so that it can continually and efficiently keep making your life easy!

The iPhone 13 requires a sturdy case that can take on life’s many knocks without getting damaged. Journey's iPhone 13 Leather Case provides all round protection while accentuating the design of the phone. We wrap your iPhone 13 in the finest premium leather from the most sustainable tanneries in Europe.

We’re proud to offer a product that is not only beautifully crafted but designed to last.

""The 100% natural leather develops a beautiful patina over time, making the case exclusively yours."

Journey leather cases are constructed with sturdy PU and textured TPU for inner seamless shock absorption that cushions every inch of the iPhone. The raised cut-out around the camera lens ensures full protection without compromising the sleek look of the case. It is slim, durable, and shock absorbent, but still thin enough to keep your phone protected without adding any bulk to the phone.

A smart construction distributes impact forces away from your device ensuring that it is protected from drops up to 6ft (1.5m).

Just like the iPhone 12 series the iconic iPhone 13 features ultra-high gloss side rails, which have always been challenging to keep clean. The premium leather case resolves these issues as it is crafted specifically to the dimensions of the Apple iPhone 13. And has a soft microfiber lining inside the case to keep your phone clean from fingerprints and other marks at all times.

Apart from being a protective case for the iPhone 13, Journey cases are extremely stylish and sophisticated. They are crafted with finest European leather- which is full grain and sourced from the most sustainable and ecologically conscious tanneries. The artisanal case is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen and bares no branding on the back, giving you the true feel and luxury of natural leather. The 100% natural leather develops a beautiful patina over time, making the case exclusively yours.


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